Sunday, December 13, 2009

Universally Speaking

“Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open.” – John Barrymore


Not Again.

Those words weren’t even worth an exclamation, just a very dismayed utterance escaping my lips as I lay prone on my back with ice prickling and stinging my skin. I was pretty sure the wet underside of my flannel pajama bottoms contained melting snow.

As I looked up at the night sky through the tree branches and falling snow, I wondered how long it would take for my hair to freeze and stick to the ice. I could just see it now – the rescue workers would be hard put to hide the laughter. The pajamas were only one part of the whole picture – add a Harley Davidson leather coat, Elmer Fudd hat, a ridiculous long scarf and duck boots. Trust me; I didn’t want to be found looking like that.

Snow coats my eyelashes, I blink and raise my head just far enough up to see where the crazy-ass pup was. Amused (she has a grin she reserves for such occasions) she sticks her nose down near my face and I feel her warm breath join mine in a foggy dance. My head falls back in the snow scrunching the hunters cap even further down on my head, leaving me barely able to see from under the brim. Pickles gives a worried nudge, before settling down beside me with one paw on my chest.

“Fine! Perfect! Now what?” I scold whoever might be listening as I pummel my legs and arms up and down throwing a fit. I’m well aware to anyone else it would seem as if I were talking to myself or having a seizure of some sort.

“What lesson do you have for me now? What’s so profound that the only way I can grasp whatever you have in store for me, is flat on my back with snow down my underwear?”

Last year at this time it was a lesson in learning to smile despite my predicament. I wasn’t smiling. This wasn’t amusing (and yes, I do know you’re probably laughing your ass off right now).

Cold, miserable and waiting impatiently for whatever epiphany the universe had in store for me, I was positive I would end up like the kid in “A Christmas Story” with his tongue stuck to the metal pole, only frozen to the ice by my long hair. It wasn’t near cold enough, but then again my backside was pretty wet. In my mind at least there had to be some kind of drastic consequences for ending up on my back, in the snow, in the middle of the night.

Snow continues to fall lazily tickling my lashes and bathing my face in feather light kisses. This was supposed to be the season of giving, good will and cheer. Lately every little thing bothered me. Where was my holiday spirit? What exactly did I expect? Was life really that miserable lately?

Pickles with her head on my shoulder, looked at me with her amber brown eyes as if I had lost my mind. Her human was confusing the heck out of her. Little did she know, I was pretty confused myself about a lot of things these days. So many little things had been niggling at me. Everyone expected me to have all the answers and be the good will ambassador. Simply put - I just wanted this moment to be a tormented brat, throwing a hissy fit in the snow.

A burst of laughter escaped my lips, startling Pickles.

“Thank you! I got it!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. A universe of misery still had room for laughter. Humans are not perfect specimens by any degree. We have our days of torment and insecurity. Sometimes we let the little things weigh too much in light of the bigger picture.

I get up and chase after Pickles. If you’re looking for me - just look for the crazed woman running around in her pajamas through the snow in the middle of the night and laugh, because sometimes there isn’t anything else left to do. - Indigo

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  1. Indeed sister...sometimes laughter is the best medicine..

  2. So, this snow down your underwear - is that the winter version of the sweat lodge?

  3. I'm laughing Indigo. He or she who hasn't been there, complete with pajamas and confused dog to whom no explanation will have meaning, cannopt see the humor of it. The epiphany for me was always something like "You're not such a hot shot as you think you are."

    The last time I went down I had to crawl in a very undigified way for about 15 feet before I found ground that my foot wouldn't slide on, just in order to get up. I had no baffled dog with me but I'm sure there were amused neighbors looking out their windows.

    Sometimes, suddenly , without meaning to we become a part of nature, and not always the prettiest part.


  4. Hi! Just stopping by to catch up with you now that I have some time, and here you are laying in the snow! Glad you got up and out of it OK. Sometimes it's peaceful to lay there looking up at the stars on a winter's night, not with snow in your underwear though! Really enjoyed reading all of your posts, Indigo, keep up the good work, and God Bless.

  5. This was great to read, you did a great job conveying the picture... cracked me up as I was feeling sorry for you!! = )

  6. Very well written, funny images and freezing too.. lovely weather.
    Merry Christmas to you.

  7. laugh away, it is the simplest bestest thing to do sometimes...

  8. I loved this post, and I love you.

    Happy holidays!


  9. Great writing (as always). It swept me along in the real snow, and in the metaphoric snowstorm. Thank goodness, a universal power gave us laughter for our lives.

  10. LOL your post was both hilarious and heart-breaking (from the Southern Cali girl who shivers under the air-conditioning unit) but I loved how you took us on your journey of trying to figure out what lesson the universe (via Pickles, apparently) was trying to teach you.

    I can only imagine that finding yourself flat on your back in the snow in the middle of the night is a huge big fat wake up sign from the universe - and good for you for getting the lesson of laugh instead of cry.

    Beautiful, brilliant :)

  11. Ah, I pictured you so clearly. "What lesson now?" I ask that a lot, impatient in the learning, when probably patience IS the lesson. Arrrgh! Lovely writing.

  12. I love it and I love your zaniness...(is that a word?) I would have loved to see you dressed as you described with sweet Pickles by your side!!! Yeah, it is good to realize we don't have to sweat & obsess over every little detail. Thanks for the cute story and thank you for your continued kindness & support.

  13. Yes, yes - sometimes you just have to let go and laugh like crazy. It does a soul good.

  14. Hi Indigo,
    I guess it's true ... laughter is the best medicine. But I'd rather be laughing in a sunny, warm climate given the option ...!

  15. Absolutely terrific storytelling. My first time stopping by here but I will return.

  16. Hi Indigo. I felt and saw everything you described. Beautiful shattered prose. Glad I found you, your spirit and your words. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  17. Great prose. I loved the opening paragraph especially. So visual. You had me shivering in my seat. :)

  18. "A universe of misery still had room for laughter. Humans are not perfect specimens by any degree. We have our days of torment and insecurity."

    So very true. You write beautifully. You really do.

  19. Elmer Fudd hat, huh?

    Seriously, everyone deserves bratty moments. We need those in times of nonstop cheer assault. That's how I feel anyway.

  20. Beautiful quote and a lovely picture. Oh, and I guess the lesson learned it great too! :)

  21. Ouch! This made me shiver with cold even as I was chuckling.
    LEIGH RUSSELL post on Curzon blog 15th December

  22. Indigo this is the first time I've ever had snow down my underwear. Tonight I did feeling the cold from reading your beautiful words.

  23. Indi- I think that's exactly how a person should be found. Sounds like perfection. Except for the wet undies. ~rick

  24. Most days I just wish to laugh. I find that it's all I can do.

    I love the picture you draw here so amazing. So amazing with Miss Pickles know my dogs laugh at me all the time, and at the same time try to make me laugh at myself.

    Great post...


  25. I'm definitely a person who is able to see the humor in a situation.

  26. I've had to learn not to expect anything from other humans but for them to be human- and to remind them that I'm human, too.

  27. I saw your post on Rachelle Gardner's blog. I say hugs, lots of hugs back to you. You are precious. God bless you.

  28. I used to like licking snow with my tongue sticking out but snow in my underwear.......not interested. LOL

    Merry Christmas my friend.

  29. maybe a passerby saw you and just thought you were making snow angels. snow angels throwing a fit. :-)

  30. Thank you so much for your incredibly kind and thoughtful comment on Alyssa's blog! You are such an inspiration and your words are so beautiful. :)

    Have some wonderful holidays!

  31. {{{Indigo}}} It's rare that I am able to read through the blog community, and I'm so glad I had time to do so this morning. I never know what to expect when I land on your blog, but whatever you write, you write it so well, I feel as though I am there. Today ... I am smiling big, picturing the perfect description!

    Lots of love you this holiday season!

  32. I think that laughter and good humor clear up a multitude of bad feelings.

  33. You write so I could picture the whole story, you, Pickles, the snow coating your eyelids...everything--not to mention the unmentionables. Pajamas, woner if they ARE mentionable, well they are NOW!

    Good story, Good writing. You communicate so well, Indigo, so consistently good stuff, girl.
    Merry Christmas again.

  34. Laughter, the automatic reset button of the universe. I'm glad you found a reset button Indigo. :)


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