Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chaotic Semblance of Sane - Sometimes

“Sanity is madness put to good uses.” – George Santayana


The above graphic is about right…I’m buried in a new manuscript. I’ll let you figure out whether that is excitement or madness.

In light of the writing frenzy that keeps me imprisoned from giving any coherent responses to questions in the past few days, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

1) Google is more insane than I am with some of the results it passes off as informative.

2) I have way too many discussions with my dog. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t end them with a childish retort of “I’m not having this discussion, I said so.” Strange enough I’m the one that brought up whatever we were discussing to begin with. (Go ahead and look baffled – she does a good imitation).

3) Anyone within close proximity of me should NOT be surprised when I suddenly shout “I Got It!” at the top of my lungs and do a mad scramble for paper and pen (should see the alarmed looks I get). You know how those elusive story elements come at the oddest times in restaurants, in the car, in the middle of a conversation, while in the shower…chaotic at best.
PhotobucketThen comes along a challenge by a dear sweet soul - Kasie West, in the form of an award. Yep, this blog is still award free (appreciate it, love them, seldom follow the rules). But I couldn’t pass up the chance to see how I would do under pressure. She did say no pressure (but that’s like someone lighting a flame under your arse). The challenge? One word answers to the following.

Your Cell Phone? Text
Your Hair? Obsidian
Your Mother? Absent
Your Father? Lost
Your Favorite Food? Exotic
Your Dream Last Night? Tragic
Your Favorite Drink? Chai
Your Dream/Goal? Attainable
What Room Are You In? Head
Your Hobby? People
Your Fear? Silence
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? Published
Where Were You Last Night? Writing
Something That You Aren't? Silent
Muffins? Boring
Wish List Item? Peace (no it’s not an item per say, but it’s solid)
Where Did You Grow Up? Haven’t
Last Thing You Did? Dream
What Are You Wearing? Glasses
Your TV? Ancient
Your Pets? Psychotic
Friends? Many
Your Life? Chaotic
Your Mood? Serene
Missing Someone? Me
Vehicle? Passport
Something You Aren't Wearing? Mask
Your Favorite Store? Antique
Your Favorite Color? Indigo (Is it any wonder?)
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? Inside
Last Time You Cried? Guess
Your Best Friend? Pickles (We’re literally bonded at the hip. She's a working dog for the deaf)
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Mountains
Facebook? Overblown
Favorite Place To Eat? Home

Kasie – Thanks! I had no idea how creative and fun this would be. This from overwordly (it’s a word in my mind sphere) me.

Nope, I won’t be passing it on. If you look up my answer to friends you’ll know why. However I would love to read any attempt by any of you to participate. Kasie, I'm truly honored. - Indigo


  1. Ha.I've never heard anyone consider muffins to be love all of your answers are creative indeed ;)

    Now about those conversations with your !

  2. Wow, look at Indigo doing a meme! I never thought I'd see the day ;)

    I loved this though. You did a great job with the one word business.


  3. Love the quote & the video - I'm choosing to go with excited :) That's exactly how I get!

    I also adore your response to where you grew up!

    It's always a pleasure to visit you, Indigo!

  4. You must be cold wearing only glasses yet you manage to be serene. That's the spirit!

  5. I too, am guilty of carrying on complete conversations with my dog! Bad part about that is it makes me comfortable with talking to myself and then I will catch myself doing it in the grocery store or wherever. Glad I am not the only one who lives in my own head from time to time! Great meme too!

  6. i have conversations with my cats. LOL

  7. Ah, Indigo, I knew you'd rock at this one. :) Thanks for the honor of participating. My favorite answers: Attainable, Head, Silent, & Haven't. Awesome. :)

  8. Indigo, I don't know if I could be that honest in answering all those questions. I sometimes ask myself simliar questions and almost never get a straight answer from myself


  9. Hey Indigo
    What great fun!. Loved your going to reread...just for the fun. I also think I will answer them...for me!

  10. Well I believe in an organized mess which is sometimes how my office desk turns out.. I can relate to this..
    Liked the one word list..


  11. I wonder what your dog has to say about all this? One word answers - so hard to do, and so interesting to read. As for yelling out when you get an idea - I'm with you there. Why not express your excitement? Being creative, which you obviously are, is a wonderful feeling.
    The desk where I write is definitely organised chaos! I usually know where everything is, except for that one slip of paper on which I noted down a few vital words...
    Good news - CUT SHORT has now been reprinted (2nd time in 6 months - it's been a bit of a 'runaway success' here in the UK) and is now available on amazon again.

  12. psychotic pets??? you're a nut. but a sweet one...

  13. Any time you feel odd for having conversations/altercations with your dog, just know that you are not alone. My border collie is quite the Puritan and you should see the look he gives me anytime I swear. The ears go down. The eyes fill with disappointment. He knows I can do better. I do want to be the person he wants me to be. And I think that makes me a good kind of crazy. :)

  14. I have conversations with all the critters here often... and I swear they understand me. Sometimes they will do something just to let me know they can! LOL!

    Love, Love, Love Supernatural (the show your little graphic is taken from. It is one of my favorites.

  15. Conversations with animals...I do that, but as of late, I am having more conversations with myself?! Random words & definitions from school and I shout them out where ever I am....especially fun when you are in public. LOL.

    Can't wait till you get published, here's hoping I will have a copy on my shelf signed :)

  16. Writing is impossible. The trick is finding ways to do an impossible thing each and every day. I didn't know you were a Supernatural fan. I love that show, and will really miss it after this season ends.

  17. Indigo,

    I just wanted to thank so very much for always being here for me. And the fact that you have gone and visited my girls (esp. my sister right now) and left comments for them means more to me than I could ever put into words. Thanks for being a great friend, I mean that sincerely.

    Love Always,

  18. "What Room Are You In? Head"

    Love this!

  19. I love that episode of Supernatural with Dean screaming like a girly girl, lol... and I can't wait to read your first book... :)

  20. Indigo, True to form, even your one word answers give a person food for thought:)
    Hope your day goes well.
    Hugs, Sheri

  21. Loved your answers. I always love reading your blogs!


  22. Congrats on the awards! One of my characters talks to dogs, so don't worry about that. ;-)

  23. I have shouting matches with my cat...I rarely get in the last word.

    And I loved some of your answers, including your obsidian hair, and the fact that you make people your hobby :)


  24. It's true Indigo, Google is stark, dribbling mad.

  25. Love it. Particularly the bits about how you will be published (absolutely) and that you haven't grown up. Always a treat.

  26. Obsidian... what else would a writer as talented as you choose to call the colour of their hair?

    Indigo has always called out to me because my most well like colour shade is almost ANY hue of blue.

    Tres interesting, and I will be sure to check that book out when it hits the stands!!

  27. Ha! We grew up in the same place. Who knew? Love it....

  28. I'm eagerly awaiting your book..!!

  29. I love the color Indigo, too. It's beautiful, as are you.

    Love to Pickles and the other critters. Have a great weekend.


  30. I'm new to your blog, Indigo, via Phoenix.

    I agree it's a fascinating meme, this attempt at one word descriptions of yourself. Misleading no doubt, but with an underlying truthfulness that makes for an interesting self portrait.

    It's good to meet you Indigo and I look forward to further visits.

  31. Congrats on the award. Not many could top your answers. I like the one about Facebook.

  32. So nice to hear from you once again, dear friend. Thank you for your comment that you left on my blog. I changed computers and lost some of my contacts, but you have always been in my thoughts. I loved your answers and also agree about Facebook. I only use it to keep my relatives updated. (((HUGS)))

  33. Toby and I have conversations all day long and I swear he understands me with his diffent looks he gives me. Sometimes he just looks at me like I'm a basket case! =)

    So is that a Honda Passport? (it's what I have).

    Oh for me, it's "That's it!" ... I shout that out at odd times. Usually a business idea. =)

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting me. It was appreciated.

  34. Hi, Indigo! Wow, very interesting answers! I would have to agree with you though that Facebook is indeed overblown.

  35. I am a wordy person, lol. I don't know that I could do it! You did great!

  36. P.S. I LOVE the look of your blog! It looks GREAT! I'm so envious. ;)

  37. Good stuff Indigo. I liked that you think Facebook is overblown. What's the point I wonder?

  38. I have found you again Indigo. I have been away from Blogs because my computers were down. My son has fixed them and I am now doing the rounds of all my friends again.
    I love you meme
    I always had conversations with my old dog Guy. He listened intently..head cocked to one side and sometimes the other. At sad times he would also lick away the tears. Who says they aren't human? lol
    They are humans spirits on their way to being angels. haha!
    Liked your answers to Facebook too. I'm on there but rarely find the time to take part.
    I'm so happy to be able to read your journal again. Good luck with your publication.
    You deserve it for all your research and self training in the art of writing so that we can be there in the moment with you.
    Much love
    Jeanie xxx


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