Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy Day Muse

And I want to wake up with the rain
Falling on a tin roof
While I'm safe there in your arms
-Norah Jones (Come Away With Me)


Nursing a hot cup of tea, I’m staring out the rain specked window, mystified by the sight of grass in my yard. A fortnight and a day was all it took to change nature’s canvas. As pleasant as the view is, I’m unsettled enough to want for the snow banks and normalcy.

I can’t help but study the contrast brought by chance in the middle of a New York January. It’s all in the details - the growing puddle in the middle of the yard, the rusted kiln blazing bronze in wet symmetry, and surprising for this time of year - the bright hue of the green grass despite the overcast drizzling day.

I’m reminded of a post my dear friend Aidan wrote, Confessions of a Double D. She referred to herself as a Detail Delinquent. In her case it applied to details such as appointments and important dates (It's a great read). All I could think of was my own brand of detail - The kind of details that burn bright in the absence of sound – silent details in glaring juxtaposition.

In a heartbeat I’ll capture a furrowed brow of impatience or the way someone’s eyes will light up when a certain subject is broached, the mumbling, the hand talker, the wary eye darting that comes with an inability to pay attention to what is in front of them. I see it all. You’re backlit by a dimly lit room, or the overhead is too bright, you’re uncomfortable in your chair – in my presence, you’re loved, you’re lonely and wanting someone – anyone to make eye contact - A room, a face, a place full of little defining details.

Yes, I’m fortunate to hear with those same eyes that capture every single little detail. Some would say it’s a writer’s paradise, no noise distractions what-so-ever.

I believe the depth and heart of a story is in the details. If I write about rain, I want you to feel the wet moisture on your skin, the cold splattered little shocks of surprise, smell the damp Earth and notice the misted breathe of delight that escapes your lips. If you yearned or in any aspect felt the rain by that last figurative sentence – I got the details right. I don’t always though.

Sometimes I have to stretch outward and relearn to communicate, to let the details lay quietly in the background. I don’t always say nor do the right thing and I know that. I’ve learned some details don’t make the writing stand out, some events are forgivable and more than anything I’m human. Underneath all the details and descriptions and words is a writer that doesn’t always get it. I’m trying not to forget there is a life strung in between these words of mine, a real live breathing persona.

I’m good with the details, I’m getting better at the living part. This has been brought to you from my Rainy Day Muse. - Indigo

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  1. Beautiful post! I'm better with emotions than descriptions. This makes me want to improve :)

  2. your posts are always so beautiful, i wish i could write like you, but then only a few are that talented. :)
    have a good week...

  3. It was wonderful to gaze out the windows upon the grass and mostly melted snow. I certainly makes me appreciate the coming spring.

  4. I think but only rare am I thoughtful. This is what good writing is about.

    May have to give it a try one day!

  5. This post is almost poetic. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. I love reading you - your style is so different from mine. I don't provide a lot of detail. I let the reader provide his/her own picture - let them mentally fill in the details.

  7. Indigo
    Absolutely beautiful and heart grabbing. I love this one, I am a rain kind of gal

  8. Let it rain..or snow..and the words flow freely from you. you paint a wonderful picture regardless..hugz!

  9. your words speak to me. i feel them. you are an outstanding writer. and coincidentally, we are having a wet wet day too. 2nd one running...

  10. Hello Indigo,
    I am enjoying the sight of grass:)
    It's my peek into spring that is just around the corner...(I hope).
    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Sheri

  11. And a lovely rainy day muse it is. Your posts always make me think.

  12. You got the rian details right and I liked reading this, in all your details, your life.

  13. Hi Indigo. Sometimes it's those "glaring" juxtapositions that make life interesting, don't you think. An insistent patcth of snow lingering next to a tree in the bright, warm sunshine, folks getting into a limo under the watchful eye of a homelss man, the photograph of a man smoking a cigarette while standing under a no smoking sign. I like those special moments when reason and expectation are challenged

    Here yesterday there was a hard driving rain and a wind that wanted to blow down the trees. It was 60 degrees. You clearly and beutifully evoke the gentle rain I wish we had.


  14. I recently wished for lack of noise distraction; this makes me view that in a very different light. Wanting what I can't have...not appreciating what I do have.

    Lately I have been wondering if there is a concrete pattern to just what I do & do not remember. My patterns, when I can discern them, are all quite left-field odd.

    You do beautiful details. ~Mary

  15. "splattered little shocks of surprise."

    loved that.

  16. Great job of describing how you "see" what you can't hear. Our senses are a marvel, the way our body adjusts simply amazing.

    Good stuff!

  17. I felt the rain splash against my skin as you spoke to my heart.

    Hoping and knowing this will find you well dear friend. I think of you often, especially during a full moon.


  18. Rainy days always bring out the wonderful emotions and thoughts, don't they?

    Hugs, my friend.

  19. Once when I was in a melancholy mood, I drove past a big outdoor fountain going full blast while it was raining. I tried to write something about the sad feeling it gave me, but really couldn't get it down on paper the way I wanted. What I eventually came up with 'rain has about a thousand ways of making me think too much'.


  20. Your writing is amazing as always! I can see & smell exactly what you are writing about.

  21. This is a stunning post, Indigo.

    Proof (again) of your great talent.

    A harbinger. A promise that your good news will come.



  22. We are expecting rain tonight and I just felt it through your words.

  23. "Silent details" geez you really have depth of soul in the use of words, Indigo. Always like opening something that brightens the more you "look". Sometimes I just can't stop smiling at life, for life, in life in the moment.

  24. I too am getting better at the living part and not having to participate in navel gazing as much as I used to. Life can flow along if I let it.

  25. Your words come alive when I read them. This post in particular.

  26. Ahhh, beautiful. Your posts always help me breathe a little bit better, as if I was in a dirty, small room and stepped into your blog and the rain and flowers washed away all the stress. (This is probably also a commentary on how I feel about my day job.)

    I am a details person as well... sometimes I miss the huge, way-freakin'-obvious stuff that people notice from 4 miles away...but I like catching subtle glances, stolen looks, the little mistakes (which are gifts) that people make everyday, the way the pavement stays dry underneath a car when it's just started to rain...the details are where I fall in love with life all over again.

    As always, beautiful writing, Indigo. So inspiring.

  27. Lovely post from a lovely person.

    And since we have a love theme going, I love you.


  28. Ah, the details in all their crispness, or muddiness, as the case may be.

    I know that I can pay *too* much attention to emotional details -- meaning that I am hypersensitive to facial expressions and verbal tone (and can misinterpret easily). This may come in handy as a writer, but it's not so great for some relationships. And I'm sure it comes from a childhood of having to read the cues in order to know when to hide or backtrack.

  29. This post is what I love about you
    Indigo.You don't seem to miss a beat of detail when you write.I can only imagine how you are in person over very interesting I am sure!

    I hope this Rainy Day Muse is the plateau for a new book you are is lovely and warm like a soft secure blanket.xoxo

  30. I'm visiting from Kasie West's blog! Your writing is so beautiful. I am not a "details" person, in life or in my writing, generally, but this was a reminder to focus on the details in my scenes! thanks so much.

  31. I wanted to return the visit and... wow... this is such incredible stuff. So deep and true.

    This in particular:

    Underneath all the details and descriptions and words is a writer that doesn’t always get it. I’m trying not to forget there is a life strung in between these words of mine, a real live breathing persona.

    Yes, yes, exactly. Beautifully put.


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