Friday, May 14, 2010

Those Eyes...

“Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers?
Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those eyes?”
- Johnny Mercer


It’s come to my attention I have an abundance of eyes turned my way as of late. Don’t believe me? Check out my sidebar, right over there -->. See that little area with all the smiling faces under ‘The Followers – Prose Aficionados’.

What’s that you said? I changed up the tagline? Uh yeah, I couldn’t help myself - the whole writer-esque mindset where I can’t leave well enough alone and need to imprint my fevered imagination on a line of words (Nah, nothing to do with being a writer – not at all).

In light of so many newcomers, I’ve decided it’s time to become more ‘complacent’? Not the word I want? Of course not, I knew that. How about friendly, outgoing, polite and compliant, do any of those words work?

The whole reasoning behind this post is a simple (not quite) decision; to try and start replying like the polite little writer I supposedly am to comments. Yes, I know I’m nefariously shy and will probably be screaming bloody murder in a corner somewhere before it’s all over. It’s not that horrendous you say?

Think I’m kidding? Here’s an example of a conversation with me, thanks to a sweet friend Janna Qualman who asked an interesting question on her blog. "While we wait," she asked, "What would we talk about?" My answer:

“Life. How the mystery of it all brought us together to that precise moment, this conversation. I would watch your lips move to hear you, your hand movements and body language; letting myself get to know those things that make you unique in the way you carry yourself and talk.

First conversations mesmerize me with all the details to the above. I would seem shy at first so dear friend would carry most of the conversation. Promise though by its end, I would know you and the tendrils of friendship would have dug deeper into the trunk of my being.”

Ah, you see? Simple words come easy on a page in written form, in life – I quake with a whole different signature. Not to mention my tendency to be long winded. Yet, despite not being able to see you and gather who you are from all the above…I’m willing to throw down the gauntlet and open myself up to questions in an effort to begin replying to my comments.

I offer you this, ‘Ask any question within reason’. Although, I still reserve the right to plead the 5th if need be.

Well, what are you waiting for? Quickly before I change my mind *winks*. Honestly, no need to rush. All comments end up in my inbox, so I’ll be able to reply even weeks from now. I’m just not so sure how well my fragile psyche will hold up (she says, with a raised eyebrow, smiling broadly).

I’ve included the lyrics to ‘Jeepers Creepers’. The whole concept worked well for this post. I doubt Frank Sinatra ever thought, when he sang this song, it might inspire a horror movie by the same name. Horrendous fun, what do you know?

“Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers?
Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those eyes?
Gosh all git-up, how'd you get so lit up?
Gosh all git up, how'd it get that size?
Golly gee, when you turn those heaters on,
Woe is me, got to put my cheaters on.
Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers?
Oh those weepers, how they hypnotize!
Where'd you get those eyes?”


  1. We used to sing "Jeepers Creepers" at each other when we were kids. It was a way of teasing. It was usually thrown at someone who was being 'too too', you know? 'Too' dressed up or 'Too' full of themselves or just being a pain in the ass. We were a nice neighborhood chock FULL of kids who were always really nice to each other. Sort of.

  2. Sort of huh? It actually sounds like everyone kept it real, which is something to yearn for these days. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Indigo, I'm bowled over to come here and see my name. Thank you for the linkage, and the kind words. :)

    I'm the same way. The page (and the filter of the internet, too) opens up my communication, and I'm at ease with others. But, like you, you put me face to face with someone (or more than one someones) and I freeze up, awkward. Part of why I'm so well-suited to writing.

    I'll ask this: What's your beverage of choice, and what's that say about you?

  4. I would like to know who your favourite author is and why. xxxx

  5. Janna,

    It's truly an honor.

    My beverage of choice is tea. Nothing melodramatic or offbeat. What does it say about me? Since tea is an antioxidant - I'm health conscious. You could probably say, I have a healthy outlook on life.

    Now when I'm writing, I treat myself to Rockstar energy drinks. You know...because I'm rocking out the words. (winks) Indigo

  6. Lainey,

    I almost pleaded the 5th here. Why? There are so many choices and styles of writing. I tend to read across the board.

    Even so, Charles de Lint will always be my favorite. Why? He treads into the magical and surreal effortlessly. His words make you take a closer look at the every day around you.

    Of course Edgar Allen Poe will always and forever be my first love. (Hugs)Indigo

  7. Did Sinatra sing that? I thought that was Siouxsie and the Banshees. :)

    Question for Indigo: What is your favorite place? (or one of your favorite places). -Lee

  8. Hi Lee,

    Thanks for catching that. I actually went in search to see who originally wrote the song, turns out it was Johnny Mercer (amended the post). I do remember hearing Sinatra sing it once upon a time.

    My favorite place? Anywhere in the woods away from civilization. There is just something freeing, immersing one self in nature. (Hugs)Indigo

  9. Yes, Sinatra did sing it. The Banshees came way way later. :)

    The woods: lovely.

  10. Not to mention all the people who read you who are not "followers". You probably have a much bigger audience -- a well-deserved and lucky crowd!

  11. Toon,

    Stop trying to give me a swelled head (winks). Thanks hon! (Hugs)Indy

  12. I think this form of communications freees me up to be myself, because at first I did not know anyone else that blogged so it was easy.

    Now that I 'know others' through this medium it is comfortable and I would look forward to a face to face with many of my blogger pals. Would it be easy? No. But I would jump at the chance for change in myself!

  13. I haven't heard "Jeepers Creepers" in a long while. But its still fun to say isn't it?

  14. How did we meet Indigo? Did I find you first? And there is always a reason for two such folks to link at just such a point in the middle of separate lives. Do you know it...our reason?

    Oh wait, did I only get one question?


  15. Now I've got that creepy movie in my head. Thanks.

    Off to replace it with something happy. Maybe old reruns of Care Bears. :)

    Which brings me to my non-deep question.

    What was your fav childhood toy or show etc?

  16. Cat - I agree getting to know someone beforehand, does make it easier to meet them.

    David - I used to drive my daughter nuts singing this.

    Annie - I think you found me through Erin. We both followed her blog. In any case we've been friends since.

    Karen - I used to watch Fat Albert, Josie and the Pussycats, Scooby Doo and my favorite 'The Electric Company'. Just writing these down makes me feel old. Kind of gives away my age (which I never act).

  17. You have so many followers because your blog is so different from the other ones out there. :)

    My only question really is...
    favourite book?

  18. What's the first sound you'd hope to hear if you suddenly could?

  19. Hi Indigo,
    I love your visits to my blog and you certainly deserve such an audience with your insightful and beautifully written posts.

    My question: What is your favorite "guilty pleasure" movie?

  20. Jeepers Creepers was eternally spoiled for me by a TV ad for a local shoe store back in the '70s. It blared seemingly incessantly "Jeepeers Sneakers..."
    I have to agree about the woods. Although we'd say "the bush" down this way.

  21. im an avid reader,stephen king in particular.he has been accused by some critics as being too "gabby?" of over doing things. i call that story do the same,words flow easily from your keyboard.but what do you do if the words wont come??take care indigo love mort x

  22. As a follower for a bit, I have nothing to ask. Just enjoying the journey :o)

  23. I have seen your name occasionally in comments on other blogs we both visit, but today I came to see you. You said something to our friend Gabi Moonlight that touched me, although I don't remember what it was now.
    So I looked through your posts and very much enjoyed reading your thoughts. You have a gift. And I laughed out loud at your remark in one of them that writer's seminars are a little difficult for you.
    I wanted to invite you to come by my place sometime. I'm a writer and a poet practicing my craft in public, like you are. I'm a woman trying to understand her mother's descent into Alzheimer's. I'm a gardener who finds deeper meanings in weeds, a recovering alcoholic, a journalist who would starve if I had to support myself with my writing, and someone who prizes spirituality.
    I'm glad that you have found your voice and are exercising it vigorously. It's lovely to find another serious writer. I have no particular question to ask you, but this one: will you come by, and give me a listen?

  24. I'm with you in the mountains and can I have an autograph please from a very popular, kewl writer(wink)...HUGZ!!!

  25. Hi Indigo,
    I've always found something odd about that song -- it's both upbeat and creepy at the same time. Hopefully not at all like your followers!

  26. Wow, you have chosen a really welcome personal method of interaction between you and the many Peeps.

    Indigo, have you ever ridden a motorcycle?

    If so, what about now? Ooops, two questions.

  27. Beth - As a writer...there really isn't a favorite.

    The one that stays with me on a creep level, is Stephen King's - The Shining. That single book exemplified horror for me.

    Spiritually - Kahlil Gibran's, 'The Prophet'.

    As a child - Shel Silverstein's, 'The Giving Tree'.

    As you can see as varied and unique, each is in itself.

  28. Cathy - Laughter. I would want to hear that amazing squealing laughter of a child. There is such innocence and life in that sound.

    Lydia -I have two movies that are my guilty pleasures. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one, reminding me no one is perfect and to love through the faults.

    The second is the original "The Crowe". Although many say horror, I see it as a love story.

  29. Al - The same thing happened to me with the song, 'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor. I went to a school that used it for their theme song, submitting hurricane in place of tiger. Totally ruined it for me.

    Mort - I do have moments where the words don't flow so effortlessly. When I do, the best thing for me, is to hit the open road for a road trip. For some reason traveling gets the gears moving again. The deeper off road I go into wilderness or mtn. terrain, the better.

    Ken - It's always been a delight to have you here.

    Chris - Thank you for your kind words and visiting, promise I'll stop by to see you soon.

    Karen - When the times comes count on it.

    Marty - One can only hope people visit with good intentions.

    Steve - I've rode shotgun, on the back of many a motorcycle in my lifetime. Driven one? I'll plead the 5th here (winks).

  30. Indigo -

    “Simple words come easy on a page in written form, in life – I quake with a whole different signature.”

    When I read these your words I was reminded of a quote by Soujourner Truth. “Children, I have come here like the rest of you to hear what I have to say.” This is also the story of writing, I think, our pen is just so much wiser than our mouths. I go to my pen to hear what I have to say.

    My question is this - when did you first understand you had the passion for writing?


  31. Grete - I grew up in a home that discouraged reading and the usage of 'big' words. That in itself, made me want to explore the possibilities of writing - all that much more.

    When did I take myself as a writer seriously and become passionate about it? After my deafness. Words gave me a voice and a way to communicate in a myriad of ways.

    Someone once told me, "When you learn to quiet the voices in your head and listen with your heart; then and only then will you understand your purpose in this life. Silence has been a gift in that aspect.

  32. :) You're hilarious. I won't ask you any questions but I will tell you that I LOVE YOU LOTS. xo

  33. I agree with Bucko....I'm just enjoying the journey with you!

  34. Heather - Love you too!

    Hollie - Thanks for being there.

  35. No questions yet, but thank you for stopping by my blog to follow me. I'm over here followint you now, too. :)

  36. I used to love that song, until they had it in the movie Jeepers Creepers and freaked me out hehe :)

    Nice to meet you, Indigo! I've added your blog to my reader, thanks for visiting mine :) Also, you have the most wonderful name!

  37. Sarahjayne - Delighted to see you here. Thanks for following.

    Wen - Thanks for coming by my way. I'm fascinated by your name as well.

  38. What an awesome opportunity to get to know you better! Okay, here's my question:

    How would you describe your "perfect" day?

    ((hugs)) Nicole

  39. I know how this feel. Sometimes I seem very outgoing but the reality is I'm shy. I'll ask you this question: If you could have one talent that you were AMAZING at, what would it be?

  40. Indigo, I like the idea of asking questions. It is nice to get to know someone through their answers.
    My question: "What is your most favorite sensation?"

  41. Eyes are like query letters ... they tell more about us than we believe.

    In fact, our whole body shouts to anyone who pauses to listen.

    But that's the rub. How many truly listen? Most times people are only impatiently waiting for the other guy to pause for breath so they can leap into what they want to say.

    Thanks for your insightful comment on my own blog. Please come again. I promise to listen. And reply.

    You have a lovely blog, Roland

  42. What a song!!! I actually just watched part of Jeepers Creepers on television yesterday evening so how fitting that you are posting about it today!

    I'm very good about commenting and giving plenty of attention to the blogging world but in real life I'm painfully shy! I'm slowly working on it... classes here I come!

  43. I don't know... you seem so honest and forthcoming in your posts that I'm inclined not to ask you anything, for fear that you may have already done such a beautiful job explaining yourself in your posts and I somehow might have missed it.

    But I didn't miss it, because I understand you still.

    And sometimes silence is still the best answer - even though us long-winded bloggers might disagree!

  44. Nicole - A perfect day would be getting up before the sun and cutting through a path in the woods, to watch it rise above the creek. If I'm lucky the muse will be plucking away in my head, down to my fingers on the keyboard soon afterward. No distractions.

    Hopefully one of these days, that perfect day gets interrupted by an email from an agent. A girl can hope right?

    Holly - One talent? I can't imagine choosing anything but writing. Amazing is something I hope someday, truly describes something I've written.

    Syd - Favorite sensation? The gentle rise and fall of my dog, sleeping beside me. It's such a soothing feeling with my hand resting on her chest. Knowing that easy breathing is her trust in me.

    If we're talking senses. I would have to save visual. You can hear louder by what the eyes witness.

    Roland - Thanks for stopping by. I loved that comparison:

    "Eyes are like query letters ... they tell more about us than we believe."

    That sentiment will stay with me.

    Jen- Thanks for stopping by. They have classes to help overcome shyness? Where do I sign up?

    Phoenix - You understand me quite well dear friend.

  45. Ahh, my photo is of a shoe in the follower box though. Windows to the sole? ;)
    My goodness, I'm stumped for a question to ask you. Your blog is one of the few where I feel like I know you even though we've never met and if we did meet, we would get on just wonderfully.
    However, this leads me to my question...since I like to go out to restaurants for dinners with my friends, where is your favorite eatery? What would you usually order at a restaurant?

  46. Well, you already graciously answered my questions about your dog, Pickles, so I'll have to think on another one! Hmmm...

  47. I thought you were going to enter the LET'S TALK blogfest. I was looking forward to what you write.

    Just dropping in and saying, HI, again. Have a great week, Roland

  48. Heather - I like small cozy places to dine in. Cafés or Diners tend to be my eatery of choice. Anything bigger and I feel like I'm getting bombarded with vibrations (the way I perceive sound being deaf). The larger the crowd and noise level, the more intense. Besides, a small out of the way place lets you enjoy the food and company.

    As for food, I love Greek specialties - Gyros and chicken souvlaki are among my favorite.

    Christina - I always welcome questions about my dog. She's literally my sidekick, in all things.

    Roland - Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to disappoint on the Blog Talk. Honestly, I just heard about it this morning. Add in fighting a nasty cold and well...another time perhaps. Thanks for the interest.

  49. I like the Jeepers Creepers song. Glad you wrote it since I didn't remember all the words.

    I'll ask, what is your favorite thing to order at Starbucks? (Mine is a Chai Latte)

    Straight From Hel

  50. Great post and play on lyrics, Indigo ... I remember "Jeepers Creepers" from back in the day as a little kid...

    Marvin D Wilson

  51. Love your sense of humor, Indigo. And how fun that you're doing this!

    Some questions for you:

    Do you think we, humans, collectively and individually learn from history? From our mistakes?

    When did you call yourself a writer and what do you do when you're not writing?

    Skirts or pants?


  52. Helen - We share the same taste in favorite Starbucks drinks. I'm a Chai Latte drinker as well. I used to order a London Fog once in awhile. However I don't think they serve it anymore. Definitely not an easy tea to drink, with it's heady bitter taste.

    Marvin - Always a pleasure to see you here. Catchy tune isn't it?

  53. Belinda - Not long after I went deaf, I realized writing gave my silence a voice.

    I called myself a writer, after I finished writing my first book - Even though it sits on my hard drive awaiting revisions. That accomplishment alone helped me realize, 'This is what I want to do with my life'. I'm now on my third book. This the one I plan to submit.

    What do I do when I'm not writing? Explore the woods, spend time with Pickles (the working dog wonder). I also rescue strays. I pay out of pocket to get them fixed, their shots and re-homed somewhere they won't be neglected. From time to time I volunteer at a S.O.S. shelter for abused women.

    Skirts or Pants - I'm a tomboy through and through. You'll usually find me in destroyed jeans, t-shirt and either combat boots or converse sneakers.

  54. I love the old Siouxsie and the Banshees version of that song.

    Happy Tuesday,

  55. Indigo,

    Reading your blog and even following the comments is like pulling on a favorite flannel shirt and sitting out by the fireplace with friends and a hot mug of tea.

    I love how fluently you give voice to my thoughts--and, from the comments, the thoughts of others.

    You have a talent, my dear, and I'm glad I am here to watch it unfold.


  56. Cat,

    Thank you! Your words meant a lot to me. Who knows, maybe one of these days we'll get a chance to have that cup of tea together, around a fire.

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Thank you for giving my silence a voice, my muse your words, and taking the time to discover my prose.