Saturday, March 26, 2011

Truth and Bone

“Sometimes I can feel you breathing into me.
And these hands I can feel them tugging at my sleeve,
I move through the day in the rhythm that I've known.
I've got this crazy dream of stripping down to truth and bone.”

Arms stretched overhead with fingertips hooked into opposing hands, muscle and sinew thrum, pulling, contorting, ache to the surface. The wonder dog pretends to stretch with me, front paws in a halleluiah bow with her tail swishing the air, back legs splayed in a ‘watch me do a split slide’. Head cocked, she does a dog’s version of an eyebrow raise to see if I notice. I burst out laughing, leaving her with a goofy grin. She knows my moods and how to play heartstrings. I’d be lost without her.

The chill morning seeps skin deep, raising goosebumps along my arms. Goofy is content to lie beside me in front of the fire. Limeade green sprouts of grass tease through the leavings of winter melt frozen in mid dance. Blight or temptation of Spring is anyone’s guess. The window belays the truth. A wintry moan gently raps a staccato in assent. Not yet.

I roll my shoulders. The bitter cold is settling bone deep and I desire nothing more than something fresh, alive – a torpor blue injected into a sublime gray sky, a melding of seasonal angst.

“I need you to cut through to where I'm hidden, I'm awkward and I'm too polite and I want two stars for arms like Orion I could breathe in and breathe in and breathe out.”

Breathe in and breathe out through my nostrils, breathe in deep, exhale. The day lies in front of me, a gift of time, minutes, hours, descending into the cerulean hues of evening. Mother Nature will unveil her heather carpet in due time. The longer she allows the earth to rest, to breathe, the more vibrant Spring will arrive in fountains of rainbow irradiance.

She taught me well.

In as much as I wish to rush headlong in my writing, I realize it’s crucial to let the prose breathe and move at her own schedule. To rush will temper the splendor of what may possibly unfold. We sit at opposing ends and distemper: me wanting, desiring more – her defiant perfection, correcting, and a willful rendition of words. Together, writer and prose aficionado will dance between the seasons of a book.

Truth and bone immersed in the depths of wisdom and want, human need and ticking time, all the sinews and muscle of what my writing heralds. Listen to the cadence of words displayed in colorful imagery in-between the seasons of a writer’s life.

“I move through the day in the rhythms that I've known.
I've got this crazy dream of stripping down to truth and bone.”

*This is my interpretation of Heather Nova’s ‘Truth and Bone’. I still get a thrill out of discovering a new to me artist. I still hear the words, even if only in my soul. Enjoy:

Lyrics can be found here.


  1. Good to see you posting away, Indigo! I agree with lying in wait for the Muse; you never know when she'll be by. best to have a trap and shotgun ready.

    She's a fierce beast. I recommend the 'by the ears' grip.

    Ta and happy Spring to you!


  2. So good to see you post again I have missed reading you dear one! This was a beautiful and so glad you are here and happy happy spring to you!!!

    xo G

  3. Good to see you again Indigo. I also love finding a new to me artist. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Lovely! Writing comes in seasons and ebbs and flows much as nature. Enjoy it when it comes! :)

  5. Hey, how are you?! It's been a while since we have talked, friend! how have you been? I see your writing continues to improve! It's even more beautiful that I remembered it! I hope all is well, take care!

  6. Be it spirit, muse, or mood writing can't be rushed.
    At the right time it will cascade like a waterfall.
    At the wrong time it will be a drip from a leaky pipe.

  7. Strong and powerful writing. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I'd never heard this before... interesting.

  9. Cool song.

    I don't know if the Muse ever really is silent. Sometimes it is about recognizing inspiration where it is. I think sometime you have to 'prime the pump' so to speak. This Heather Nova song seems to have a spark to it for me as well and I hope it lit you up too!

  10. "To rush will temper the splendor..." I keep going back to that line. The word "temper" is resonating with me. Beautiful post. The seasonal imagery is ringing true because right now, in California, the rain just keeps pouring. We miss our sun out here. The sky is just tired. I really feel that way about my writing right now. But the seasons change. I know the skies will clear and I'll get my sun! Keep sharing. Your have a beautiful arrangement of words here.

  11. Very nice song. We can never have enough truth and bone in our writing.

    Love how you captured this in-between time: not winter, not spring...

  12. I love your posts Indigo! They are so amazing (and moving). Thanks for sharing! =D

  13. Wish I could loan you my soul right now. there is much to write from it and I woodn't know where to begin...

  14. Those are incredible lyrics. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Few blogs are so rich with voice like yours, Indigo. I feel wonderfully full after a visit.

  16. Wow. Stripping done to truth and bone! YES!

    Is that not what life is all about? :)

  17. Wow, I used to listen to Heather Nova's first album way back when. Her voice is so haunting. I loved your interpretation. You are replete with talent, Indigo. Seriously.

  18. Good to see you post again! You know you are my favorite!

    Hugs, Rose

  19. Wow. Great lyrics! You have a gift. :)

  20. I'm having a little difficulty trying to picture a hallelujah bow. Other than that, I like your imagery.

  21. Fantastic writing, as always, Indigo. I am so ready for spring and all the boundless energy it brings with it - I always feel like hiding away in the wintertime!

  22. WOW! I'm always inspired coming here, Indigo!

  23. I love this. And yes, in time the words and the writer will come together. It always happens when its meant to and is always just right when it does.

  24. I love this! And Heather Nova!

    Alex from Breakfast Every Hour was here.

  25. Taking a deep breath every now and then is very refreshing.

  26. Ms. Indigo - your words amaze me. Your writing and your style so far above anything I could ever compose. This keeps me coming back - to be amazed and to enjoy great writing.

  27. I'm glad to "see and feel" your voice here. You have a new follower.

  28. Indigo you have an exquisite
    spirit and a beautiful soul.

    I wish every hurting or confused
    or weary person could read this
    and this would lift each person's
    soul and spirit.

    Your entire post resonates deep
    within me. I am reminded of the
    Word made perfect in each of our
    spirits as well as my new found
    love - Yoga - both are benefical
    to my spirit, soul and body..

    Thank you, for being my Earth
    Angel today through your words.

    love you.

  29. Wow this was a very nice read
    Glad you followed my feed
    As you I have found
    It's nice to come over to your ground
    My muse
    I just kind of abuse
    As I rarely get profound
    Just going where my rhymes lead and they do abound
    But once again great post
    You are a very nice host

  30. WOW. That's all I can say! What a great piece of writing, Indigo!

  31. I'm jealous at how beautifully you write, Indigo. :)


Thank you for giving my silence a voice, my muse your words, and taking the time to discover my prose.