Sunday, October 9, 2011

Changing Skins


“I wake up, heart up my throat, a fear taste - getting ready for the changing skin.” Anne Marie Macari

The seasons eclipse and September’s damp foray crashes into autumn's crisp decay. Summer’s strangle hold on my muse unfurls one varying hue at a time. Almost overnight her green foliage gave up the ghost of a season and began dressing in shades of burgundy, gold, and burnished orange.

Breathe deep.

“In this everywhere of blunt and soft sinking, I am the heavy hollow snared.” Deborah Landau

An autumnal day where the musky summer warmth is wrestled in one last tussle to the earth and the road winds higher, lending autumn her due. Jaco Pastorius’s Opus Pocus serenades the warm scent of burnished leaves as they twist and turn in downward spirals and shades of rust grow deeper still. A woodland’s invite to the heart of the mountains sun dappled rapture.

Breathe deep. The writer begins to stir…

Summer’s opulence peels back to skin and bare bones grafted with a season’s worth of words. Bone deep the muse engraves her characters and instills them with life. Awaken psyche, the day grows late. Time for a change of skin - a costume of layered leaves and twigs with which to dance among the woodland sprites in autumn’s ballroom.

Breathe deep. Life is intoxicating. It’s also the essence and the soul of the writer’s muse.

Season’s change - What skin are you wearing and do you possess the courage to disrobe and expose that which needs changing? I’m learning. - Indigo

(Curious - how I would know what this sounds like since I'm deaf? It has to do with the acoustics inside a car and vibrations bouncing off every surface.)

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  1. Having the courage to disrobe has never been a problem for me, heh heh.

  2. The music was a nice accompaniment as I read. Such a perfect parallelism between the changing season and your changing attitude, with oh so many wonderful images: "Summer’s opulence peels back to skin and bare bones grafted with a season’s worth of words."

    So glad summer's cocoon is falling away, decayed like autumn's leaves.

    Let the words come. Just be sure to save a few for me :-)

  3. In the past I have mentioned to you Indigo, that my father used to put his hand over the body of my violin, feel the vibrations, and 'hear' music, in his own fashion.

    Now, about ME! I am damply foraying into seasonal decaying. Your literary muse has chosen in this post to discuss the greatest problem that some of us will ever experience. At the same time a is inevitable!

    C H A N G E !!! How difficult--for me--to shuck off the layers of many years of overgrown skin, and allow new growth to happen. Then I have to make this new skin a habit, or I will only 'see' the old.

    This I know--again, for me! If I am ENTIRELY willing for this to happen, and ask God to do it, He will partner with order to make change a reality.

    See, Indigo--you really got me thinking on this one. Your own words said it so much better. Your literary style is SO improved as the years (years???!) slip by. A pleasure to read you, even IF the content disturbs--grin!


  4. I think change is colour to me, and when I think of myself draped in the burnished colours of the autumn I can allow myself to believe that I too, am a poet.

  5. right now i would color my change with a crayola colored frustration fushia. this helped to soothe my spirits as i ready myself for another week.

    be well!


  6. some seasons are more conducive to writing, that's for sure. the moodiness of winter suits my muse too. usually.

  7. I wonder if you can 'feel' Jean-Luc Ponty..? Thanks for introducing me to this cat!

    Stephen King has set several of his 'writer stories' in the fall/winter seasons... I wonder if we grow creative when we find ourselves shutting in an unable to escape from our thoughts as we are during the warmer, more pleasant months...

    Wow... the cat can make some noise..! That is a cool talent you have... almost like a superpower..!

  8. This time of year finds me concentrating more on my rocks & minerals.

  9. Woodland sprites is exactly what that music reminds me of. My skin? I think I am molting. I think I always shall.

  10. Seasons change, and so do we, will they change together?

  11. Hi Indigo,

    My skin sheds for the ride home. The vibrations enlighten and engage the beholder. Great song. Layered with the right amount of bass. May the season bring out more marvelous prose.

    Hugs my friend.

  12. I love the change of the seasons. Each one gives me a sense of renewal beginnings. I'm so excited for the changing colors of the fall.

    Great post Indigo.

  13. A wild riot of autumnal leaves and wildflowers gave me a scene for a new story. I am in dedicated writer mode, for the moment. It doesn't take much to change the mood. Cheers to autumn and muses rediscovered!

  14. "Summer’s opulence peels back to skin and bare bones grafted with a season’s worth of words." - WOW can you craft a sentence into pure art, Indigo. Beautiful.

    Autumn is definitely the time for change, and it's my favorite season for that reason. In autumn I find myself looking more to the past than I usually do, but it's always to clear the way for bigger and brighter things.

    I hope you've been well.

  15. "An autumnal day where the musky summer warmth is wrestled in one last tussle to the earth" -- BEAUTIFUL!

  16. Awesome music, beautiful words. (hugs)

  17. Jaco was truly one of a kind. His work with Weather Report was something else! He was ahead of his time. I am looking forward to Winter actually. I don't want it to be way too cold or anything, but I love Christmas, throwing snowballs, Cherokee Hockey and skating on a frozen lake (or any ice surface for that matter!) Just part of what makes me look forward to all the seasonal changes.


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